Hi all, I'm on a novara buzz hybrid, with 26"x1.75 wheels, and would like to thorw some full converage fenders on there. Getting around the disk breaks may be tough, but there's a few threads on that I've found helpfull. I was wondering, will the middle-sized fender fit? Here are the specs

Hardcore (#7006) 700c set = 45mm, tire fit: 700c x 26-35mm
Hardcore (#7007) 26" set = 60mm, tire fit: 26 x 1.75-2.25"
Hardcore (#7008) 700c set = 35mm, tire fit: 700c x 20-28mm

I've seen the large MTB set, and it just looks too ginormous.

Possible with a little tweaking? Will I still get wet?