i opted not to use my lights (front and back) as it usually takes about a 1 min or longer to set it up... there was still light compared to the pitch blackness which i'm usually used to when i get off work... i'm going along this path that's filled with potholes, cracks, and you-name-it-it's-there... i have in my head this mountain of asphalt (yes it looks like a mountain that stacks 1 foot high literally) that lies on this route right in the "bike trail"... with two cars up front, one car approaching behind me i am easily distracted from this mountain... next thing i know, the asphalt mountain is in sight within 3 feet... slammed the brakes... front wheel kisses the mountain and gets stuck... wonderful as i thought to myself... bike flips forward... my groin area goes over the handlebars... for some odd reason i managed to unclip and get away without any scratches... immediately checked my tires... good no damage... setup lights... and rode home... went on bikeforums to report this... now i'm going to have dinner and work some more... good day