Boy - its DARK at 4am on a bike... I had picked up a 5W headlamp and mounted it yesterday, brought my niterider used for diving for comparison and complement. Glad I did. Man, that thing lights up the whole road. Took my mountain bike with slicks until I get used to road conditions, but may make the switch to road bike for the 15 m trip. My seat dropped on me due to fiddling last night, and my backpack slid off my rack a bit during trip ;Got to figure a better way to use the niterider, it kept moving using the hand strap. but all things considered it went smoothly. In the dark it felt like a long way on "country" roads but when I hit civilization and there were more landmarks it felt faster. I feel like a million bucks. I hope to keep on truckin'.... Cram it up your cramm hole gas companies!!