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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 09-08-05, 08:13 AM   #1
jack of one or two trades
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Finally, saw another commuter

I've been commuting for a couple months now, and have never seen somebody else on a bike. Lonely, lonely rides, with only the slow cars to keep me company. Not the most fun.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I finally saw another person. He was coming from downtown Hartford, and got out late. Hence why I'd never seen him before. Rode a Cannondale CX bike with a flat-bar setup, and a backpack.

We rode together for a few miles, and discussed biking and stuff. I found out that he managed to go all winter without driving last year. Learned about using knobbies, and other fun stuff. Also managed to keep myself at a much more relaxed pace. Found out we both rode similar stuff offroad too.

I might see him again, and might not. But it was nice to know that there was somebody else who is actually doing this, and has done it successfully. In real life, not just you imaginary internet people. I hope you all get that kind of a ride some day.
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I once was approaching work in a suburb of Minneapolis MN when some guy, 70-ish, overtook me. He slowed down a bit, chatted, "you must be riding to work, I'm retired but I used to ride to work every day," etc. Then he said, "well, I'm off to St. Paul (some 10 to 20 miles away)," turned a corner, and away he went.
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Dude On Bike
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This week was the first time I encountered another commuter as well. He was huffing along on a BMX bike. I made some comment like "It's the best way to travel don't you think?" and he replied "Maybe on your bike!". Still it was a fun exchange and we both rode on with smiles.
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Old 09-08-05, 11:06 AM   #4
it's my road too, dangit
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Also, you never know who you might inspire. Those slow cars might have drivers who observe you every day. Give a few waves and maybe one day a driver or two will opt for a bike.
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Old 09-08-05, 11:13 AM   #5
On your what?!?
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People on bikes have been coming out of the wood-work around here. I commute into town and have seen 2 other guys doing the same. One on a FS MTB (Rockhopper, I think) and another on a x-mart. Both wearing back packs. In town, bikes are now everywhere. I still stand out riding a full blown light tourer with panniers. Only seen a couple of guys in town with rack & panniers.

The more interesting question in my mind will be how many of these guys I'll see when the temperature drops below freezing? Winter commuting is awesome.
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I see at least 5 other bike commuters every day. We're pretty common around here.
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Old 09-08-05, 07:20 PM   #7
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i see bikers everyday... but they're usually not going my way... or i see them as my ride ends... i take a lonely path... i'm sure that'll change as probability should kick in sooner or later...
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Old 09-08-05, 09:44 PM   #8
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I see some regular commuters every day, many more this Summer than last Winter. There is a lot of road work going on near my workplace & I got acquainted with the flaggers, now the girls stop traffic for me, make the whole line of cars wait while I ride alone down the 1/2 mile or so of construction. One of them said she's riding on weekends now.
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Old 09-08-05, 10:01 PM   #9
Burnt Orange Blood
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I've never seen another commuter but part of my route is a mapped route of the Austin Cycling Association so I sometimes see folks out for a "joy ride."

Today, however, one of the students in the tutoring lab at community college overheard me talking about riding a bike. He lives in the neighborhood behind my campus and did not know that there's a safe and short way for him to ride to school rather than get out on the horrendous highway. So I drew him a map and he was very excited. He's a "nontraditional" student (meaning "old" ) and his wife needs the car on Saturdays when he has a class. So we will now have a new commuter!
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Fritz M
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I see probably a dozen or so other bike commuters on my 5.5 mile commute every day. There seem to be a few more this summer than I've seen before. At my work, I'm the only one who commutes by bike every day, but there are four others among 40 (including my boss) who occasionally bike in.
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