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Old 02-07-06, 05:54 AM   #1
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House Of Lords And Cylists,00.html
There is something about the miscreant cyclist that seems to get people more exercised than they are about the misbehaving motorist. I put it down to the fact of being able to see the flesh and blood (well, hopefully not the blood) of someone on a bike, whereas when people get into cars, their metal encasement turns them into robots in our minds, and we're grateful to them for any act of courtesy. We're grateful that they don't deliberately kill children, then laugh a rasping, metallic laugh.

This is the truth about the cyclist - before they have even decided whether or not to shoot a red light or run over your wife, they are more civic-minded than anyone else travelling in any other manner, bar by foot. If they do run into someone, they at least (like the bee) do their victim the favour of hurting themselves in the process, which is why, if you had any sense, you'd save your hatred for the motorist, who (like the wasp) injures without care. Cyclists are persistently treated like the naughty children of the road, where the SUV driver is the decent, law-abiding adult, when, in fact, the very opposite is the case.
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Matt Gaunt
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Lol! I study Law and am very regularly further surprised at how out of touch some of these people are. Great article, thanks for the link.
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Old 02-07-06, 07:21 AM   #3
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It's good to see a decent retort in the press about some crap being broadcast on the radio.

In a lot of places here in Canada and the US, you just have that crap (and maybe some letter to the editor by some cyclists along with an equal amount of good-on-ya letters by motorists).
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Old 02-07-06, 10:21 AM   #5
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This part's good, "I'd estimate that one cyclist is as socially beneficial as 10 lords. Would Her Majesty's government care to take any steps about that?"
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Wow. Never heard of Zoe Williams before, but it sounds like she's my kind of woman!
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Hurrump... Hear hear... excellent piece... especially regarding the public's well off balance view of who the "villains" actually are.
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Old 02-07-06, 05:25 PM   #8
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Curious UK statistic: - since 1/1/98 200 pedestrians killed on footways and verges (official definition) by motor vehicles. By bicycle ditto? 1. What are all the letters and columnist outrage about? Guess.

Folowing the Rhyll CC tragedy I was invited onto the local BBC radio station Radio Leeds. The discussion point? "Cyclists are a nuisance to motorists". Phone-ins - 100% agreed that they were. Impervious to any reason or statistic I produced.
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I love it!

Bookmarked that so I can read more of her opinion columns.
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The pedestrian footway casualties in the UK are about 30/year. About 0.7 are caused by cyclists, the rest by buses, trucks and cars driving on the sidewalk.
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