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    I added another commuter

    I do not get to commute everyday because of different reasons, so it is hit or miss. My commute home is at 3am, so a lot of the time it is weather related. So, last Thursday I rode to work, changed, and headed to my office. A girl stopped me and told me that her boyfriend had brought her bike to work, and she wanted to have it tuned. She had been overhearing some of us talking at work about riding, and decided that after 7 years that now was a good time to get her bike out of storage and start riding for exercise. I told her that I could look at it, but I had ridden that day and did not have my truck. A few hours later she came in my office and asked if I could take her bike to the maintenance department, air up the tires, and check it over. She said that if the tires held air, that she wanted to ride with me on the way home since, my route passes by her apartment complex. Most of the sidewalks in our town are wide enough for two bikes and walker to pass comfortably, so we rode the sidewalks to her apartment, and I had her ride to the inside, and I on the out since she did not have any lights or anything. It was only a little over a mile, but she thought it was great. She had me tune up the bike this weekend; she went and bought new tires, and a new saddle. She says that she is going to start riding to work, but have her boyfriend take her home at 3am.

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    Very cool. Good compromise on the ride home at 3AM. Perhaps in the future with good lights and added confidence she may do that ride as well, depending on the neighborhoods she'd be going through.
    Work: the 8 hours that separates bike rides.

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