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    Waiting for parts...Tic, tock...tick, tock...

    I've been buying parts for a new bike, piece meal, part here, piece there. Today I got the confirmation that my last parts are about to be in the hands of UPS. Putting a ride together this way has been a lesson in patience. I'm getting exactly the bike I want this way, and a nicer one than I could afford if I had to come out of pocket all at once, instead of spreading it out over 7 months. But I want my instant gratification, and next week will be the start of my 2 week or so wait for Howie (my mechanic) to build two wheels and change my pretty pile of parts into a prettier bike (Salsa La Raza, thanks again for pointing me in that direction, DanO). The suspense is killing me, I tell you. Well maybe by the Fourth.
    Thanks for letting me vent,
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    I know this feeling well. At least you'll be on your bike before Rad's on his Tete.
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