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    New commuter is on the way!

    Today I rode my beater down to the LBS to get started on getting a new bike on the road, after my primary ride got totaled a week and a half ago. I placed an order for a 50cm Surly Long Haul Trucker in black cherry pearl. The LBS dude gave me a really sweet price, and I'll be transferring a lot of the parts from my dead bike, so I should be able to get a pretty tricked-out commuter and touring bike for under $800. I'll be using the old shifters, derailers, cranks, front rack, seatpost and saddle for my new ride. I'll also use some Dia-Compe 287-V brake levers that I've had lying around for the last year or so and equip the bike with new v-brakes, bars, wheels, rear rack and fenders. I'm disappointed at the loss of my old bike, but I'm also terribly excited to be putting together one of my 'dream bikes.' A shiny, brand new bike, and it's all mine! I haven't had a new bike in something like nine years, and I've never had a bike as nice as this one is going to be. I'll definitely try and get an opportunity to take and post photos when it's complete. Thanks for all the kind words and advice following my accident. Now might be a good time to switch to envy and admiration . Sometimes good things come from surprising events, I suppose.
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    congrats, don't forget pics!!

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