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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Favourite Part of Bike Commuting?

What's your favourite thing about commuting by bike. For me it has to be skipping past huge traffic jams in seconds that could take hours to negotiate by car. That is such a thrill for me. I also like arriving fresh (spring, autumn and winter at least, its a different story in summer) at work/ school and seeing everyone pouring of a seriously cramped train or bus.

Lastly, having the journey in your own hands, unlike any other method of transport, your totally independent of other factors. Admittedly seriously dense jams can slow you down but most of the time, journeys take as long as they should and arent dependent on train delays, traffic jams etc.

What about you guys?
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Easily distracted...
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Freedom to roam and explore - I know the details of the city much better now; exercise - it's always been a challenge for me and this is a great way to get a few extra miles in each day; commradarie - I really enjoy meeting other commuting cyclists out on the streets, it's like a secret club; nature - it's hard to see much nature here in the city, but cycling past small creeks and through leafy neighborhoods reminds me that it still exists; tinkering - I've always loved to work on little projects, and my commuter bike has turned into an endless set of little projects.
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Pedaling Backwards
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I'm fortunate to not have traffic jams and the like, but the best part for me is simply being out of the car The feeling of a good morning workout, then a stress reliever on the way home is great.

That plus the admiration of my coworkers
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Sumanitu taka owaci
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Originally Posted by hal
What's your favourite thing about commuting by bike.
I remember that tv show from the sixties, Get Smart. Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, used to get instructions from his boss, "Chief," and after his boss was finished talking he would ask Max, "Did you get all that?"

"Every bit, Chief, except one small part."

"What part was that?" asks Chief.

"The part right after you said, 'Now listen carefully...'"

So I'd have to say my favorite part about bike commuting is that small part right after I leave my front door, up until I arrive at work. That, and every part between those two parts.

No worries
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Yeah, pulling out of the parking lot to head home was the first thing that came to mind. Freedom too would probably be my best one-word answer.
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I like just about everything except motorists, peds, and squirrels. It is difficult to pick out just one.
Perhaps, being able to refill my plate three times during the holidays and not gain an ounce.
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This may sound a little flakey, but for me its taking the "red pill". I can remember sitting in my car, daydreaming of adventures I wasn't taking, and wishing for whatever it was I was missing. I look at people in their cars now, and wonder if they feel the same way, and don't realize they have the choice between red and blue every day.
Nothing says "in good times and in bad" like a good pair of fenders
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Marathon Cyclist
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I love the extra energy it gives me throughout the day.

There's 3 or 4 times a year that I don't cycle to work and I feel wasted all day.
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Life is short Ride hard
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I wish I had the energy boost from cycling. On the days I need to drive such as today I got to get the cage all cleane and spiffy to go to Algonquin in Ontario I dont feel any diffrent except for the fact that when I arrive on bike I have a huge smile and having funn. It might be my sleeping habits, on topic now my favorite part of cycling is being dependent on myself if something breaks I can fix it I am not dependent on some middle east oil organization of terror A.K.A OPAC or a mechanic that will charge me up the nose for something. Riding in the rain is funn
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Swapping out 30-35 minutes in the car each day plus whatever cardio I'd do, for 50-55 minutes of being on the bike outside. The two half-hour workouts I get each day irregardless of whether I then lift/row/etc, keeps my energy level super high.
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Life is short Ride hard
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Must be my sleeping habits no energy boost
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Papa Wheelie
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a few things:
Health -- feel better, stronger, get up those couple hills easy, and I've dropped 15 pounds or so in the last 6 months

Zen -- being alert
Money -- the goldmine of gas that stays in the tank
Seeing the car NOT moving everyday
Camraderie with other commuters each day
Being outside

I actually think time passes slower (vs. being in a car)
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"Let us hope our weapons are never needed --but do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny. If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government -- and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws" - Edward Abbey
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Shut Up and Ride
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Favorite thing...The daily exercise.

Other good things of note:
*Sexy biker legs
*The Shut up and Ride Diet [Eat whatever you want as long as you ride]
*Whizzing by the traffic on the way home
*Buying less than 1/2 the gas I used to.
*Get Paid $2 every day I ride
*Cow-Orkers think I superman or some equivalent superhero
*Crazy biker guy is a fun stereotype
*Trips to the Bike Store
*Inspiring others to ride [I'll fix up their bikes for free]
*2 speedy descents every day
*More in touch with nature and community.

I'm sure there are more, but it's early and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.
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married to the bike
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My favorite part of riding a bike, whether commuting or exercise, is being alone. I'm an introvert and a loner. I need some time to myself and biking gives me that time. I love being on my bike.
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Railgun of Patience
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The feeling of freedom, passing jammed traffic, the energy high, the compliments from random people on my legs, being able to ride a bike like I did when I was a kid, the fun of riding a down big hill in the morning and the challenge of making it up in the afternoon.
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Not spending time in the gym
Not spending so much $$ filling up my Jeep
Crazy biker guy is a fun stereotype
Met all the other fitness junkies at work, and got invited on the quarterly camping trips.
"I feel like my world was classier before I found cyclocross."
- Mandi M.
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In general, just being exposed to the world -- moreso than one would be in a convertible or a bus. Riding through the towns between work and home and being able to smell fresh bread from the bakery that I pass. Feeling a cool autumn breeze on my face. Hearing the laughter of schoolchildren in a park.

Of course, having the receptionist say that I have better legs than she does is a nice bonus too
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Finding those quite places in the middle of the city I never knew about. That and early early mornings on the bike path along the river.

Also wrenching is a great way to spend huge swaths of the weekend and get me out the wifes hair for awhile.
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Mad scientist w/a wrench
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I'd have to say there's no favorite part of the commute, other than maybe the climbs I take on the way home (I think I can, I think I can I think I can...)

The commute is definitely my favorite part of the day.
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The elusive zen of seeing a path through traffic that's only meant for me. This path takes me past cars and can involve lane changes and most often means lane-splitting. When it happens, it feels like I'm riding on rails.
HHCMF - Take pride in your ability to amaze lesser mortals! - MikeR

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!
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Commuter First
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Tough to pick one favorite thing. It's so good in so many ways...
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I think it is the feel of the changing seasons -- moving from intense sunlight and heat to darkness and snow. Then, there is wildlife. Just a few days ago, a Red Tailed Hawk landed on a telephone pole near the intersection. Much to my delight, the light turned red as I approached the intersection, so I could watch for a few minutes. In the winter, it feels great to make the first tracks on a snowy road.

The practical stuff, like being able to make it home when car traffic is gridlocked in snow, never a problem finding a parking spot, and getting regular daily exercise is all important, but is is the experience of moving through the seasons with surprises from nature that gets my heart.

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These go to 11.
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The moment I step outside until I walk into my job & vice-versa.
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New! With Self Loathing!
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The commute is my favorite part of my workday. I would have to say my favorite part of tthe commute would be that by riding I avoid the highway, which makes my commute faster by bike because the highway always seems to be backed up. It also seems to me that the more aggressive NASCAR wannabe drivers choose the highway over surface streets.

Weird Bike Guy Blog
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