I would like to congratulate the people of Brisbane who were transformed into bicycle commuters recently and hopefully will continue. From my high vantage point in my comfortable bus seat there was a definite increase in cyclist today, many of which you could tell they were not regulars. There were the roadies, who pulled their fancy road bikes out for a slower bumpy ride across the bricks on the pavement, the weekend mountain bike bandit jumping up and down steep curbs like they were simple rocks and let us not forget the groups of men and women who used their family outing bikes or even borrowed one from a loved one to make the distance to work. The city's public transport system was also overloaded.

So, congratulations and hope you continue even when the chaos is done.

A bit of background story here that may explain this. Two major onramp overpasses to the city expressway were closed down yesterday due to the discovery of cracks. So, of course, since they are overpasses so the fear was they would collapse onto the expressway underneath the whole thing was closed down and no one knows when they will be reopened. So no expressway, and it's rather large, takes a lot of cars, that now have to find somewhere else to go.

http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/s...99-952,00.html for more info.