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Thread: LONG day!

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    LONG day!

    My girlfriend's bike got stolen from campus yesterday. I warned her that she'd want to spend more than $10 on a cable lock...and he consented to get a Kryptolok for her next lock. I spent all day running around town, looking for good deals for her (thanks Craigslist!). I even went to BICAS, the local bicycle community group, and tried modifing some stuff they had there, but nothing worked out as well as I wanted.

    Pedro got some bikes at auction and sold us one that fits her well. An old Roadmaster, all bolt on stuff, urban rattlecan camo, good front brakes (rear need replacing), friction shifters (which work!). A little TLC and a couple bucks for new brakes and she'll have a new campus commuter! $25.

    On the other hand, I got some SPD clipless pedals for $10 at BICAS. They're used, but barely. The action is slow, but not so much that it'll slow anything down. I'm stoked.

    I also got some stickers from BICAS. "Zero gallons per mile." "Please don't steal my bike......Thanks!" And my favorite: "Stay fit...ride a biker!"

    Long day. And it was my Sunday.
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    Bike thieves suck. Glad you were able to get a low buck replacement.
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