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    Another Cold Morning Commute

    I canít believe it, the evening news just said it is going to be another cold night. That means I will have a cold morning commute. I put up the winter cycling clothes, but this week had to bring them back out again. Friday morning will be the fifth cold morning commute in a row.

    Oh well, I guess I will have to just put on the long sleeve cycling shirt and just deal with the cold again.

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    It's amazing how quickly I turned into a wimp. Just 2 months ago I was cycling in -20*F weather. Now it's 25*F and I thought about driving!!!! A few days of 70* weather really changes your brain. I did get on the bike though. Mainly it's not the temps but the horrible 30-40 MPH headwinds we've had this week. The wind is down significantly today.
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