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    All excited.... yay

    Well I'm giddy for several reasons, weather being one of them.

    The main one though, is because I've been given a Centurion "Le Mans" - it's been sitting in a garage for a good while and needs some TLC (as far as a total strip down, sand/dremel for rust and re-spray) but it's a road bike, it doesn't look to be in terribly bad shape and it now gives me a chance to either

    a) make it into a fixie (scared/excited at that idea)
    b) have a fast weekend/occasional commuter road bike

    Apart from an article I read by Sheldon Brown I've not heard much about them - anyone have any remarks or comments for these bikes?

    It'll be a little while before I get it up to road-worthyness but man am I looking forward to taking it out on a sprint ride

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    I had a 1988 Bicycling Magazin with a review on the Le Mans. I had a Sport Dlx with the same yellow/white paint job, actually very similar to the 88 Lemans. Tange Infinity, I think. OK tubing. I liked it.
    I don't even use the offensive term "Fred." -- Sheldon "All Cyclists Are My Friends" Brown (1944-2008)

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