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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Did you hit me, or did I hit you?

Going home after work last night in Manhattan, I was headed downtown on Broadway (one way traffic, 3 or 4 lanes, depending on where you are).

I had stopped to wait for a red light at 34th. There is a bike lane that disappears heading into a traffic triangle on the south side. This side of the street also features a pedestrian island that's constantly packed with people.

The light turned green and the traffic cop stationed there waved the traffic ahead & the pedestrians to stop. I passed the traffic island about a foot away from the curb. There was a car on my right, and 2 other bikers right behind me.

Just as I passed the island, I feel something on the left. It's a guy trying to cross INTO traffic and through me. I couldn't move right because a cab was right next to me. I also had the other bikes behind me. This all happened in a split second. The guy stepped into me with such force I had to lean to the left to keep from falling over and under a cab.

In the process, the left end of my bars got some part of this guy. I half-turned back to see if there was somebody down in the street, but the guy was followed into traffic by about 10 other death-defying people. Amazingly, no one got hit.

I finally able to stop about 100 ft away & looked back. I scanned the crowd of people, but didn't see anyone standing with a look of pain or looking around.

After a moment, I realized my left arm was throbbing & red. I don't know if this guy had a briefcase or what, but something hard had hit me.

I waited there for another minute, somewhat dazed & then headed home.

Thinking about it, I definitely thought this guy was at fault. He was crossing against the light, not looking, putting me & himself in danger.

But I also thought I should have ridden back to see if he was ok. But I'm not sure we could have had a civil conversation, but it might have been the right thing to do.

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wow !

looks like wild and crazy peds are taking to the streets to cause havoc to the cyclists !
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Originally Posted by fordfasterr View Post
wow !

looks like wild and crazy peds are taking to the streets to cause havoc to the cyclists !
You'd be surprised. Here in Chicago we have some of the dumbest pedestrians in the world. At least the squirrels dash away from cars. The pedestrians here almost never use the crosswalk or the walk/don't walk signs and just step into the street and dare whatever vehicle is coming to hit them. When one of them does get hit, assuming they survive, they have this dumb look on their face like how could this have happened?

Go back to kindergarten people and learn to look both ways before you cross the street!
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I get the sense that as a species w/o predators, the number of stupid humans goes up w/ every passing generation. How else to explain humans that act like deer and just run out into the street w/o looking both ways?
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Originally Posted by jyossarian View Post
I get the sense that as a species w/o predators, the number of stupid humans goes up w/ every passing generation. How else to explain humans that act like deer and just run out into the street w/o looking both ways?
I think the problem with deer is that they just don't comprehend the speeds that cars can attain... I rate people like that a step BELOW deer... they know damn well what they're doing... they're just too stupid to care.

I was driving through downtown one day right at the speed limit, I've got green lights all the way... and some idiot steps out right in front of me WITH his 5 year old kid. I slammed my brakes, locking up all four tires, squealing the tires, and laid on the horn. My 79 Blazer stopped about 6" from this guy... and he has the audacity to cuss me out. Way to teach your kid how to cross the street, moron.
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I worked with a guy that had the idea that all cars were supposed to stop for people in the street. He would walk across a crosswalk without even looking at a good clip. Those of us that had to walk anywhere with him always stayed about five feet behind him. We always had a clear road to walk across.

I am just glad I never had to pick him up and start first aid. On top of being an idiot he was a real moron as far as common sense goes.

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I figure if some ones stupid enough to walk into me while Im moving they are going to get slammed, if their hurt oh well, next time they wont walk in front of a moving vehicle, I dont recall (in your story) any of the peds looking for you to make sure you werent hurt? Its sad to say but an even sader reality
You see, their morals, their's a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these...These "civilized" people...they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve

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Sounds like you got the worst of the situation this time.
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What's the deal with that? I think NYC is having congestion issues these days and everyone in the city is competing for transportation territory. It's pedestrians vs cyclists vs cabs vs cars vs trucks vs pedicabs vs horse drawn carriages. You were attacked by a pedestrian! Watch out they'll get ya'!

I watched some kids cross the West Side Highway downtown and no waiting for the light and they didn't even look just walked onto the highway and made the 50 mph traffic swerve, slow and stop around them. It was pretty amazing. High stakes territorial imperative.
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