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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 10-09-07, 01:07 PM   #1
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new bike for long commute

So my commute is getting a lot longer next summer. It will be about 17 miles each way (with some killer hills mixed in) so I figured it's as good an excuse as any to build up a sweet new bike. I'm thinking some type of cyclocross-ish bike with rack eyelets will be a good bet since I can load it up and use wider tires and fenders if I want, so lately I've been looking at the Surly cross check. Any other bikes out there that are similar that you guys can point out, or is this my best bet for what I'm looking for?

I'd prefer it to be a frame set, so I can build it up with my dream parts. Sorry if there are a lot of posts like this, but the search is down again and I'm slightly bored here at work. Thanks!
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rocket bike
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commuter bike

Surly Long Haul Trucker might be an option..
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The Cross-check or Redline Conquest are my dream commuter bikes, but the touring bikes are nice as well, and still have the features you want, with possibly more braze-ons than you can find a use for. The LHT and Trek 520 are good choices. My commute isn't much shorter than yours and I've had good luck on a plain old entry-level road bike (Trek 1200, comes with eyelets for racks and fenders). Pretty much anything you build will handle it, so it's all personal preference.

The 'cross bikes will have a moderately low-geared double crank whereas the touring bikes usually have a triple that goes pretty low in terms of gear-inches. For slogging hills on a loaded commuter bike, you might find that a touring bike would fit the bill better.
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Ive had in the last 2 years (only including bikes that can be bought as framesets):

A Surly LHT: get it if you won't ever run it fixed or SS and wil be carrying tons of crap or will also be
touring across country later in your life.

A Surly CrossCheck: get it if you wan the most versatile bike in production and like your bike to have
many faces. I wish i still had mine :-(

A Surly Karate Monkey: get it if you want huge, soft tires or ride trails to work.

[all 3 surlys are super durable and easy to sell if you dont like them]

A Scatantte XRL Cross (which is's cyclocross frameset/fork): this is my current favorite bike to ride on because it fits me better than the Surlys and is light and snappy and can't rust. I'd get this if you never want to go fixed or SS and like the fact that it's 2.5 lbs lighter than the CC and stiff too. Oh, it's aluminum, which doesen't rust. The carbon fork is fine by me, but i'd rather it be a nice steel fork if I had my choice.
If you want to race cross or do group rides with the (fast) roadies or value light weight this may be your best choice. I dont baby it either and it seems durable enough. And it's $250 for frame, fork and headset!
I've ridden 2 centuries on it in great comfort also.

Yes, it may be the Cross Check killer, at least for me... somthing about aluminum works for me (maybe because i weigh 210?).
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Check out the Salsa Casseroll

I like my Crosscheck very much. However, cantilever brakes can be a pain to keep in adjustment and are prone to sqealing. If I never needed to go off road (I don't own an mtb and never plan to), I'd prefer something like the Salsa Casseroll.
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Location: Newton Ctr. MA
Bikes: 2 cdale Caad7. Scatantte CX/winter bike. SS commuter.
Posts: 2,109
I use tektro Mini-V brakes on the cross bike and love them.

Better than the dura-ace caliper on my road bike.
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I have a Tricross comp and I believe Specialized offers the Pro model in a frameset only option. That'd be a sweet bike. Has the rack mounts you need and is very capable as a cross racer, roadie or commuter.
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I run a touring bike for my 21 mile one way commute. I do carry alot (270+ me 60+bike) and it is a nice confortable ride. It isn't too quick off the line but when you get it going, which is great strength training , it plows through all. I can take corners as aggressively as any bike I've had in the past.
My bike is a Fuji Touring but I wish I got a LHT. My wife a Fuji Finest and wanted to match so fuji it was.
The extra braze ons are nice. I actually just pulled off my front rack and replaced it with two water bottle holders. The two I had weren't enough so for now I'm hauling 4 bottles until I find some better way to haul water that it easy to fill at work.
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It seems everyone has a crosscheck. How about being your own man and picking out something different?
Maybe something by soma. Nice looking frames.
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