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    Kona commuter bike

    I've finally come to a consensus that I want to purchase a commuting bike with disc breaks. I currently own a MTB and commute a lot on it but am realizing that in the area that I'm in the wear and tear from all the rainly weather along with grit is really taking a toll on my rims, breaks and other replaceable parts. I have looked at several different dealers and most of them are too much for me to want to invest. When I go to college I want to be able to lock up my bike and at least feel comftorable that I'm not going to lose $700 bucks. I'd feel more comftorable losing $400. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Anyway I've been looking and all of the bikes with disc breaks seem to run $700 and above. I looked at kona's bikes after seeing that they were recomended from someone in BF so I wanted to see your thoughts. Would it be best to go for the DEW Plus or the DEW Deluxe or is there another bike brand I havn't looked at that would blow these bikes out of the water? My limit is $600 no more.
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    I own a '05 Dew Deluxe(mechanical discs) and really like it. Raleigh and Bianchi used to make flat bar bikes with discs,you might be able to find a leftover at your LBS or eBay in your price range. Marin has bikes in it's urban series at that price point,as well as some other company I can't remember right now(Mongoose maybe?).

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