While not that many are familiar with the KHS Urban Xtreme (MSRP $739), those who are seem highly impressed. Those who are familiar with the Jamis Coda Comp (MSRP $800) and Jamis Coda Sport (MSRP $600) seem torn on whether the upgrade is worth the price between those two. On paper and based on recommendations, I am leaning toward the KHS Urban Xtreme - as a hybrid bicycle that will be used mostly on pavement but hopefully on some light trails and paths without having to change the setup - especially since it can be obtained in my city at a local bike shop with the best mechanic around (while I have to go to another city for the closest Jamis dealer).

I realize that test rides will make a huge difference in deciding. But based on experience and the components offered, which would posters choose? Thanks.

Link: KHS Urban Xtreme

Link: Jamis Coda Comp

Link: Jamis Coda Sport