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Thread: Reactiv Jacket

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    Reactiv Jacket

    Just saw this on BBC news:

    A design student named Michael Chen won a design award for his Reactiv jacket, which comes with LEDs and accelerometers. The LEDs go from green under acceleration, to red when you are braking. Orange LEDs light up in the arms when you lift your arm to signal a turn.

    I can't wait until this is in production.

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    The green lights are goofy. Why do I need to let anyone behind me know I'm accelerating? And I don't want a green light anywhere on me or my bike. As for the brake lights;will car drivers recognise these for what they are? Having them get brighter when braking(like they do on cars) would prolly be a better idea. I'd rather be able to manually activate the turn signals.

    Nah,I don't see this catching on. Design execution needs work,plus I'd at least wait awhile to see if the early adopters have any probs with the lights.

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