My wife and I were walking down Rue Sherbrooke (I think) between 10 and 11 and I heard a car horn, a short chirp of tires, and I looked down the road to see a bike on the ground and a tumbling cyclist.

I can do first aid so I started walking faster but before I got there the cyclist jumped up and brushed himself off and walked around a little bit. Bike was an MTB or hybrid I believe. Rider was wearing a backpack. It seemed like some (non-aggressive) words were exchanged, and driver and rider parted ways.

Just wondering what happened and how it all turned out. I didn't see who did what.

Montreal seems to have gotten a LOT more bike commuters in the last year. I saw some guy almost get right-hooked (his own fault passing right-turners fast as the light turned green) and some people riding pretty poorly in traffic. Be careful out there.