At Performance Bike. I went into my local Performance shop today and walked out with this combo low pressure pump/Co2 pump for only 12 bucks! It was marked down to a clearance price of $15 and when I got to the register it rang up as $12. I've heard "ok" things about it. With the hand pump feature you can partially inflate the tube to get it into the tire and then finish with the Co2 cartridge. That's what I always hated about Co2... wasting cartridges before doing the final inflation. And if you run out of cartridges, the hand pump should be enough to get you home. It takes unthreaded 12g cartridges available at walmart by the case for super cheap. Or threaded 16g cartridges. It works with presta or shraeder.
Just a heads up if you're looking for an inexpensive mini-pump.