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    Looking for my First Commuting Bike...Confused

    This is my first post on the forum and my first attempt to start commuting on a bike. I was out this weekend looking for something for biking to my work.

    I have a 10 mile commute ( from bethesda,md - tenleytown metro, dc ), mostly road and some on the trail.

    I like something which I can put a rack on, and something which is going to be light and fast.

    -I am 5'10, 180 pounds, medium built
    -I am going to have my laptop and couple of books in my bookbag
    -I will be locking my bike at my tenleytown office and taking shuttle to reston
    I guess I need to get a bike ( commuter, preferbly ), a good lock. I have a good bookbag and would like to keep it.

    Here are the options I liked

    -- 2007 Super Sport Ultra 2 - Great ride, I liked it and it was coming on a great sale on my LBS ( close to $750)
    -- 2008 Gary Fischer Mendota - Loved the ride and handling and the lightness, but is a little more than i would like to spend ( 850 + tax )
    -- 2008 Trek 7.3 / 7.5 - I drove the 7.2, did find it more on the heavier side, I saw the 7.5 but did not have my size, but like the weight and the finish. I am test driving a 7.3 tommorow.

    Other options I did not like Fuji

    I have a helmet / rear / front lights and a foot pump.

    I have a budget of 700-800, what do you guys recommend as my first commuter bike. I like the shwin for the price, but then, I was thinking it is a 2007, so it might not be that good, otherwise it would have been sold till now.

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