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Old 03-28-09, 05:04 PM   #1
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2009 Raleigh One Way Vs Cross Check

2009 Raleigh One Way geo

Cross Check geo

Based on just the geometry, the 59 cm for One Way and 58cm for CC, what can one assume about these frames? For example, because of the longer wheel base of the One Way, it's a faster bike right?

Of particular, I'd like to know what the bb drop will tell me. One Way has a bb drop of 55mm vs CC's 66mm. Which one is more comfortable? Better turning? Etc.

Which one has better tubing (520 vs 4130 Cro Mo) ? Stronger?

I saw the One Way recently and fell in love with the color. At first look it is practically a Cross Check. If anyone can educate me it would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-29-09, 05:26 PM   #2
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I'm a big fan of my cross check, and know a few other riders of them also who are very happy.
The frame leaves you many options of configurations. The cross check has more clearance for larger tires. You can also pick up the cross check as a frame set and build it up as a ss/fg for cheaper than the one way.

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Must also plug the cross check. Great frame. A long frame makes for easier turning at slower speeds, as I understand it. My cross check has a longer wheel base than my more traditional racing style bike and it is much easier to turn, espcially at low speeds. As for bb drop, I understand this as refering to the distance from the ground. There are pro's and con's to both high and low bb. Low means that your saddle will be closer to the ground, but you will also have to be more wary of knocking a pedal on the ground when turning, etc. I will give you the advice I give anyone who is comparing frames. To the best of your ability, ride one. That is the only way to really know if you like a bike or not.

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Old 03-29-09, 10:14 PM   #4
Share the road.
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Cross Check! And I could be a little biased.
I just wanted to link my Strava.
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Old 03-29-09, 11:15 PM   #5
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Longer wheel base will not make a faster bike. In theory, a longer wheelbase will make the bike more stable, but less "quick". The difference here is negligible though.

520 is just a name-brand 4130 I'd call it a wash.

A higher bottom bracket will leave you sitting higher on the bike, and in some cases, more bent over. Given the short head tube of the cross check, overall position would be similar here. Center of gravity would be a little higher on the Raleigh though.

I'm not sure why the bottom bracket of the One Way is so high. Some people will want that on a fixed-gear, but it's even higher than on the Rush Hour.

Personally, i like the One Way and you're happy with the stock build I think you should strongly consider it. I guess I'm a little turned off by the hype surrounding the cross check. I don't think it's entirely deserved. What the CC does have going for it is the ability to build it up from a frameset if you wanted a custom build. I think you'd have to work pretty hard though to build a CC up for the street price (not msrp) of the One Way.
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Old 03-30-09, 07:25 AM   #6
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I already have a CC. That One Way frame just had me doing a double take. Ah, I'm never satisfied with what I have.

JeffS: So do you think the One Way frame is better overall? How would a higher center of gravity affect the bike?

I'm also thinking the longer wheelbase allows for less chance of pedal strike to the front wheel?
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Old 03-30-09, 08:59 PM   #7
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Cross-Check rider here - I was at a bike show in Madison not long ago and saw the new One Way and just loved the color and the overall look. I should've asked to test-ride it. But I gotta say, I picked it up and it felt heavy. At a time when my Cross-Check was still sporting Nokian 106s and at its heaviest. And weight weenies say the Cross-Check is a boat anchor. I don't know. I could've been imagining it or wanting to believe the Raleigh was heavier. The Cross-Check looks like more of an all-arounder to me whereas the One Way seems a bit more commuter-specific. Also I like the classic look of a straight top tube and I believe the One Way has a slight slope. But the One Way is one handsome machine; it really caught my eye in a sea of thousands of bikes.
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Old 04-07-09, 01:21 PM   #8
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I'm really interested in the Raleigh One Way. I would like to put an internal gear hub on it once the "Versa" STI-style shifter (link) is released so I can have a classic-looking igh bike with drop bars. Does anybody see a reason why the One Way wouldn't work with an igh?
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