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    Rear Rack for Karate Monkey

    I am going to have some rough road commutes coming up, so i am thinking of using my Karate Monkey as my main beast of burden. I need a rear rack that will work with my bike, and I don't run a rear disk brake so that isn't a problem. First, will 700c racks work with a 29er?
    But more importantly, my other bikes with rear racks have two braze ons, one on each seat stay to bolt the horizontal rack supports to. The KM only has one place to bolt a support onto on the brake bridge between the chainstays as you can see in the picture.

    Anyway, point being, I don't want to break the bank with a rack like an Old Man Mountain that bolts to the cantilever posts. I would rather get a rack that is cheaper and bolts the the brake bridge.
    I appreciate and advice. Thanks!
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