I originally posted this in Foo, because it's not really bike related, but I know what's going to happen around here as a result of this accident. All of the secondary roads are going to be a mess for the next few hours, because 495 just became a parking lot.

Plane apparently lands on I-495 in Mansfield

A small, single-engine plane landed on Interstate 495 this morning in Mansfield, coming to a stop in the left lane with one wing resting on the guardrail, according to police and fire officials.

There were no initial reports of injuries when the white Piper PA 28-15 landed between Exits 10 and 11, near Route 140, according to State Police.

Television footage showed the small white plane with a blue stripe sitting in the left and center lane. The plane appeared to be largely intact, with some damage visible to the left wing and near the nose.

Firefighters could be seen examining the plane, opening the doors, and looking inside the cockpit. Traffic continued to move slowly on the far right in the breakdown lane.