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    Commuting Goodies - Carradice,Paul Thumbies,Powerstraps,Kelly TakeOffs, Brooks etc.

    I've actually collected quite an amount of commuting(actually more touring and durability) specific equipment throughout the year. I ride to the conservatory here in AUS every day, 18km/11mile each way and in a couple of days hopefully I'll have time to gear up my bike with all these awesome equipment.
    The things below some just arrived, some I've bought for a while, some I'm planning to buy, some I've got 2nd hand etc. etc.

    One side note though - these things add up to quite an amount of weight, but they're worth it IMHO.


    I've been using these for about 10 months now, and they are just a pair pf simple + effective killer pedal straps. Right now I'm only running one on my left pedal as I always have to stop and bring the pedal back up using the left foot, but can't be bothered to strap my right foot in... yes I'm lazy

    Carradice Saddle Bags

    I got these half a year ago after using panniers for a while. These just look so much sexier and it fits a laptop, change of clothes, lunch, and(barely) my clarinet case. Worth investing!!! Two pockets on each end, one stores tools and spare tire, one stores my notebook, wallet, phone etc. which leads to the next one.

    I never got to use anything in the tools pocket except the occasional allen keys, thanks to:

    Specialized Armadillos

    2000km/1200mile so far so good! I ride close to places with pubs and big busy roundabouts which have one thing in common: lots of glass! everywhere! My armadillos happily take them with no complains.

    My gf confessed that she spent over a hundred dollars going to a concert... so in the little perfect world of ours(and my bike) I got to spend the same amount of money on bikes. Jenson and their price match system works pretty well, so I ended up getting a brooks saddle, drop bars, kelly take offs, cane creek brake levers and other bike treats. I also have some paul thumbies lying somewhere, so I'm going to experiment what works best for bar end shifters on drops since I love their precise shifting and failsafe friction mode.

    Here's a good article on the kelly take offs:

    I'll update you guys on the progress in a couple of days!

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    I've been wondering about Take-Offs for a while, Glad to hear the opinion of someone whose actually used them.

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