So, finally back on the bike after 12 months off. I was working overseas for a bit (only the really brave ride their bikes in India) and then not working. So, its good to be biking again.

But, I'm doing 14 miles one way in Minneapolis when before I was doing 7 miles one way in Tacoma. My legs aren't used to this. And my body is not at all used to the cold. What advice do you have for a winter biking newbie who hasn't biked in snow since he was 12? I got an extra pair of tights, grabbing the skiing gloves.

But really, I don't remember being this sore. The knees hate me. My neck and shoulders just ache by the time I get home (that could also be from staring at the computer screen at the office for 8 hours).

Also, in T-town I used to stop at the pubs on the way home, but I can't seem to find any decent pubs on my way home. Here's the route I use right now (I live in Apple Valley by the Zoo, going to Bloomington).
Galaxy (Blackhawk) to 13 to 494 (Pedestrian Bridge) to American BLVD to Portland Ave. Any advice for a place with a good beer?