Okay I'm about to sell my 09 Schwinn Cutter (single speed) to buy an 09 Jamis Sputnik built up a bit. It has White Weimann DP18s with red and blue spokes (looks awesome) and Thickslicks for rubber but the lbs owner said he's willing to upgrade me for no charge to velo Deep vs, white but just regular spokes. I understand that the deep vs are bulletproof but if they do bend, it's difficult to get them back in true. Also, I think the fork is carbon fiber rather than steel on the sputnik. Will stiffer rims direct too much of the Chicago potholes to the fork? Basically I'm trying to justify declining a free upgrade to obviously stronger rims because the Weimanns look nicer (I know I know..). Can anyone set me straight or at least help me make up my mind.

Also.. either way I go, this bike is going to be a theft magnet. I have an older kryptonite 4 digit code lock and a kryptonite cable to wrap around my front wheel but I feel as though I should probably do more for this bike. I can store it inside at home and in a parking garage at work so I don't need to worry about locks there. But school and elsewhere, I need to worry. I can't afford to have this bike stolen. Any suggestions? I know new kryptonites come with insurance but I hear the fine print makes it hard to collect in the case of theft. Basically, if my nice new bike gets stolen, monkeys are going to fly out of my a**!

Lastly, this is going to by my first fixie (even though it's a flip flop hub) and will only have one break on the front machined rim. I'm coming I'm nervous about this switch! Any suggestions or words of wisdom?

Any input if greatly appreciated. Still being a newby and all.