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    Looking for pre-made drum brake/IGH wheels....

    I was reading a review for the Torker Graduate in my Bicycle Times magazine and the drum brakes and IGH got me interested. Info:

    It got me thinking -- I have an old Schwinn frame w/drops (Tourist) that fits me really well and I have fenders and tires from my old commuter. I would like to put a set of 26" wheels (has 27" now) on it for the additional tire width and fender clearance and use it for a winter commuter. The drum brake/IGH setup would be perfect since the fork isn't built for discs.

    I started looking around and I can't really seem to find ready-built wheels with drum/IGH combo. Anything I found was expensive enough that I might as well just buy the Graduate ($500).

    Is there anywhere you guys know where to buy ready to go 26" wheels like this for a reasonable price?

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    Not very likely, they're not in high demand. Your best bet would be to get the local bike shop to build some (or bribe a buddy who knows how).

    Just the Sturmey drum hubs alone will cost you. About $60 for the front, and the rear lists for $180. Granted, they're cheaper than Shimano, but still with rims, spokes, and labor you'd be more than halfway to the cost of the Graduate.

    For me, I'd build the wheels just cause I like to build cool wheels with neat lacing patterns, but that's just me.
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