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    A Friendly Reminder...

    That's it's fun to change up the commuting route!

    My multimodal commute follows the train line, so I've been riding to further and further stations along the main boulevard (before hopping on the train) to add more bike distance. Well, it dawned on me that I can also increase mileage by riding the two legs of the triangle, as it were, instead of just increasing the hypotenuse. So I did that today and tossed in a pleasurably empty bike path. It was great to be riding in near darkness save for my headlights as opposed to the main road. Creepy fun and exhilarating!

    It's like Jack Handy said:

    "It makes me angry when I cook up about 100 chicken drumsticks to feed to the dolphins at MarineWorld, and the guy there says: 'You can't feed chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish!'. Well, of COURSE they eat fish, if that's all you feed them. Man, wise up!"
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    I agree with changing things up.

    When I first started commuting earlier this year I had a set route and stuck to it. Lately, though, my routes are all over the place, mostly dependent on time. Some mornings are a straight 2.5 miles, others are 10. The ride home tends to see anywhere between 4 and 30 depending on what time I get out of work and how much stress I need to work off before I get home.

    Variety is good.

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