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    '10 Bikes OOS All Over :(

    Seems manufacturers did a short run and supplies ran out early this year. I wanted to make so many changes to my Cross Check that I figured I'd be better off selling it and buying a new bike with the stuff that I want. I bought it on CL a year ago when I first started riding and didn't know much about bikes and what I ultimately wanted.

    On my Cross Check I now want to change:
    Drivetrain - 52/39 & 11-23 to 4x/3x/2x & 12-32 or 46/30 and 12-32.
    Wheels - 32 or 36 spoke, dynohub
    Bars - from regular roadie drops to Midge

    Instead of doing all of that, it seems I'd be better off getting new and having LBS swap out parts I want. I was looking at the Salsa Casseroll, but finding one . . .

    Or some other similar steel frame relaxed geometry bike. I like the CC, but the current colors are uglyyyy. Casseroll has great reviews, too bad it can't run wider tires and do loaded touring. Then again touring is a "I want to do", but never have, so I want to focus on what I actually and do and worry about a touring bike when I actually commit to doing one. So, commuting, weekend rides, and centuries (new goal).

    Just no bikes. Looks like I have to wait on 2011 models. When do they come out? Bummer is, nobody is ever flexible on price when new models are released.
    '09 Salsa El Mariachi
    '08 Surly Cross Check
    '06 Specialized Rockhopper

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    Interbike is in a month (3rd week in September). New bikes start rolling out at about that time of year. You might do best to contact the bike companies and make inquiries about when their 2011 bikes are due to hit the bike shops. Also, if you do figure out exactly what you want (I admit, it's hard to do without a test ride), a shop might be willing to give a break on a bike that they know is sold before it ever hits their floor and will never take up space or eat up their working capital. It's worth asking for anyway.
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