So on the commute home this evening I decided to get some extra miles in. I took a route I've done once or twice before that adds about 7 miles to my 17 mile commute. Not being real familiar with the route, I turned down (and I *do* mean down) Burton Hill Road. After a block or so of the extreme bliss of coasting, I realized Burton Hill didn't go where I wanted to go.

So I turned up (and I *do* mean up) Merrick and had to climb back up the hill I was just coasting down. For the first time EVAR I needed the smallest chainring in the front and biggest cog in the back on my hybrid. And even then I barely made it up. I checked and there is a stretch (albeit a short one) that has a 40% grade. Very intimidating (for me, anyway).

Getting up to the top, though, leads to a long downhill along 7th Street with some great views of downtown.