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    Choice of Carradice guidance

    I apologize in advance if it seems that this topic has been too often covered or if I seem to be seeking something too personal, but given I am contemplating a purchase that will be sight-unseen I feel that it makes sense that I ask those of you with more direct experience.

    I use a backpack on my current commute and its sufficient, albeit very sweaty (and I generally don't perspire much, for comparison). I commute strictly on a roadbike and I have even less interest in panniers than sticking (no pun) to my current set-up. I have pretty much decided that I would go with one of items from the Carradice line, but I don't know which choice best matches my particular needs.

    For office days I will generally be carrying a couple of glass containers for food (about the size of typical tupperware), an insulated Kleen Kanteen, clothes (shirt, socks, pants [no shoes]), and all the standard tire repair items. Occasionally, on non-office days, it will be none of the aforementioned (other than the repair items) and maybe my Mac air.

    I am thinking that the Nelson Longflap coupled with a quick-release expedition would cover most of my needs, no? I don't want over-kill and thus I have considered something slightly smaller like the Pendle, but there might be days when I would appreciate the space. I guess my big concern is that I do like the feel of a road bike and I don't want to too much compromise that and, moreover, the roads are a little rough (i.e., lots of broken roads, cracks, and potholes). I want to keep my ride enjoyable, safe, and my contents secure.

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I don't know if it matters, but for reference sake, I will be commuting on a 58' Serotta with a Brooks B17 saddle.
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    Given there are bag loops on the 17, you can buckle the straps included with the bag, directly to the saddle , and around the seatpost.

    I got a Super C, have a non brooks saddle bag kludge, and have a rear rack
    on my bike ..

    And a Carridura nylon saddle bag, they have Zip side pockets , and include a minirack that the bag slides over using a pocket sewn into the bag.

    May have to import those from UK direct, I happened by 'the Works' in Britain
    20 years ago as I had a bike company address to ship it to,
    they sent it, and charged wholesale.
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    Here's an idea of what you can fit in a Carradice Pendle.

    - 1 pair of knee-length shorts with belt.
    - 1 pair of size 11.5 Chaco sandals
    - 32oz tub of yogurt purchased on the way home
    - 12oz tub of chamois creme purchased on the way home
    - Repair kit (tube, levers, patches, allen wrenches) in the side pocket
    - Wallet and keys in the other side pocket
    - Large bath towel (fastened under the flap)

    I wouldn't suggest fastening the bag directly to the seatpost for a couple reasons:
    1) The pockets hang sideways and your stuff could fall out. Seriously, it's the only design flaw I have with the entire Carradice line of saddlebags.
    2) Depending on your ride positioning, the back of your thighs will tap the bag with every pedal stroke. Some people find it comforting to know that the bag is still there. It would drive me freakin' batty!

    If you get the Pendle, the regular Bagman is fine. If you go with the Nelson then get the longer Bagman or else the full saddlebag will ride a little high and hit you in the butt.
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