Name here is Kevin
I ran across this site doing a search. Here is my story in brief. Got layed off a few months ago, got bored,found out I had to go on insulin for my diabetes, need to loose some weight, standing around one day in the garage... Ahh there they were up in the rafters. My bicycles. I have a specialized crossroads and a Raliegh Super Corse 12. A little lube, some air, remove cobwebs, replace cracked tires and I was off on a ride.

Next day rode longer and harder etc... Three months later, have work, been riding religiously every day both bikes tuned up professionally, wife and teenage daughter also with crossroads have casual interest on weekend rides on occasion. And I am still off the hook about bikes.

So, convinced it is not a passing fad, turning my crossroads into a commuter bike, fenders,rack etc.. and while enjoying the Raliegh every other day or so have decided I like the comfort of the crossroads but the weight, speed and handiling of the road bike, so upgrade time. Cross/comfort/road bike. Something like a Specailzed sirrus or Cannondale road warrior type thing.

Have done the commute to work on the crossroads once this week, (new job) and it is short and pleasant and down hill/flat on the way in. So gearing up for more days next week.
So Cal