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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 12-15-10, 12:12 AM   #1
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Cannondale Criterium as Commmuter

Hey all, I have a Cannondale 3.0 Criterium RS2000 from 1989 and I'm having a hell of a time trying to outfit it for commuting. I don't really have any other choice for bike right now so I'm hoping to gain wisdom from the community.

If you have Fenders, what sort do you have? I have Planet Bike's Hardcore fenders which I purchased several years ago for my last commuter- they've never been used because I purchased them in anticipation for the rainy season only to have my old commuter's frame snap... and they do not fit. For a few months I've thought, "I'm only one part away" from being able to mount them. Tonight I found out that the back brake mount doesn't fit the Sheldon Fender Nut... and it being an Aluminum frame I don't want to drill it out only to crack the frame or create some other ill.

For nearly a decade I've been riding bikes from 1979 and older, so this bike has been a rough adjustment. The interchangeability of parts changed drastically in ten years!
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Zip ties. I've never had a fender-mounting situation that zip ties couldn't fix.

This is with the proviso that the fender fits in the frame, fork and brakes, of course.

And pull them tight to avoid rattles, please.
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Sadly, in addition to the situation with the Sheldon Fender Nut the back fender does not fit between the chainstays where they connect to the bottom-bracket, so it seems I will be needing skinnier fenders too. I had attempted the zip ties before on this bike and it just wasn't having it.

This bike is like an untamable show horse.
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I have the PB Cascadias on one bike and a pair of PB Speedez ATB just lying around. I would be reluctant to do anything to the bike, but perhaps you can modify your existing fenders somewhat. Are your fenders 700c or 26"?
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Exile- This Cannondale has 700cx25c tires. I think the problem is that the design was intended to be a top of the line (and actually was atop the Cannondale hierarchy in 1989 which my research into the bike revealed recently) racing bike with a stiff, swift, ride in mind. There is little space between the frame itself and the tire- also- it doesn't have a mount in between the chainstay at the back end of the bottom bracket for a fender. In fact, that is where the front derailleur's cable arcs upwards which is another unfortunate hurdle. The two eyelets it does have in the back are for a rack and are in no way ideal for fenders.

I'll post a photo later. My power is down and I'm tethering my laptop computer to my phones internet connection which does not seem to want to let me upload a photo now.
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Old 12-15-10, 05:45 PM   #6
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Wow a 3.0 is a tough one. Great bike for its intended purpose but that was not commuting.

I'm impressed you even got 25's on it. My 89 R600 was tight on the 23's. Getting a traditional fender on that is going to be a booger. I suspect you are going to have to trim the fender at the seat stay. You may want to give up on full fenders and go for something like a race blade or a speed EZ. They clip onto the fork blades and seat stays.

My 89R600 was one brutal ride. Every bump transmitted directly to my teeth and pelvic bone. That and being a tad smaller then I like I sold it pretty quick.

I just built a CAAD 3 frame in my preferred size up for a sunday rider. I used that cheap Performance Forte Carbon fork with a 1 inch steer tube and I'm loving the ride. It really takes out the harshness. Hard to beat at $80 on sale right now and $60 fore a headset.

Post a picture when you get it sorted out.
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Old 12-15-10, 10:53 PM   #7
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Awesome! I have a 1990 Criterium 3.0 i use for commuting. (see pic bellow) I do about 12mi a day 4 days a week. My commute is in the city.. i stop and go alot and this bike takes off like a rocket. Also its great for climbing. Long distances is another story.. the most ive done is about 20miles in 1 ride so i cant say much about long distance. Yeah, at first it was a rough ride, and then I got used to it. I have 23s on mine and keep the tires at 100-120psi. With the right PSI i think the ride should be good with 25c. I did some upgrades like converted from downtube shifters to brifters and converted from 7sp to 8sp.

As far as fenders go.. i dont ride my bike in the rain.

Have you thought about something like these?

My bike:

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Old 12-15-10, 11:15 PM   #8
This bike is cat approved
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There was one of these Cannondale Criterium bikes on Craigslist this last weekend in my size. I wanted it and it was a tempting price, but I had no reason for it. I do love the look of those frames though.

Anyway, back to the fenders you could get really creating and do some trimming and attaching it to the downtube. I suppose without pics of what you are up against I might be suggesting something impossible.
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Old 12-20-10, 04:55 PM   #9
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Hey all, finally had the time to come back and post those photos. Here is my Cannondale and as you can see there is not a lot of space to place the back fender near the seat tube. I suppose the SpeedEZ fenders Grim mentioned could work- I'll have to investigate those more.

How would one go about shaving off fender length? And what tool(s) would give most control when doing it?

Here you can see the front derailleurs cable arc up. It's better seen in the fourth photo found below.

o0adam0o- Your bicycle is beautiful! I rather enjoyed seeing that you and I have roughly the same color scheme though yours looks as though it's stock. Certainly the fork is stock. When I purchased mine off a friend it was stock save for the CroMo fork- which I think mars the beauty. Also the front brake had a small broken piece which made me take the Shimano 600 Ultegra's off and put on modern a Shimano Tiagra in the front and an XTR in the back.
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