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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 12-18-10, 09:19 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by billyymc View Post
Xtrajack - it might be easier to just carry a spare bike!

I carry enough to fix flats and broken chains. Maintain your bike properly at home, and there's little chance of any other failures.

A good multi tool will have tire levers and a chain tool integrated so no need for separate ones.
For what it is worth, in the two plus years since I stated commuting again, I have not actually needed to use any of the tools, other than the tire levers, on the road.

Some other folks have been the beneficiaries of my over preparedness. I feel that keeping all my bike tools on the bike is handy when I do have to do routine maintenance and/or upgrades/customizations.

My MTB-3 does have integrated tire levers and a chain tool. My steel core levers are much easier to use and are stronger than the ones on the MTB-3. I like having a separate chain tool.
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Old 12-18-10, 12:07 PM   #27
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I always carry a $7 multitool (few hex heads plus flat and phillips), a first aid kit in a baggie, a frame pump that I've only ever used on other people's bikes, and a cell phone. If I'm on a long (20+mi) ride, I'll bring a bigger first aid kit, a tube, and my Gerber multi-pliers.
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Old 12-18-10, 01:20 PM   #28
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Spare tube, a multi tool that includes a: tire lever, 15mm wrench and a lock ring wrench along with a bottle opener (lol) and a schrader to presta adapter.
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Old 12-18-10, 01:25 PM   #29
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Location: Dothan, AL USA
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Pump, tube, tire levers, allen wrenches (getting topeak multitool for xmas), valve adapter and cable lock

I will be adding a shop rag for my next ride

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Old 12-19-10, 12:05 PM   #30
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Normally I carry an Allen wrench set, Philips screwdriver, open-end wrench, utility knife, pump, spare tube and tire levers.

In the winter I don't bother carrying any of that because my hands will be too frozen to use those tools anyway. If the bike breaks down I just walk it home or lock it up nearby and take the bus.
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Old 12-19-10, 09:12 PM   #31
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Location: St.Paul, MN
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Multi tool w chain breaker
Fixie trixie
Patch kit
Co2 cans
Presta shrader adapter
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Old 12-19-10, 11:02 PM   #32
Digging in the pain cave.
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Tire lever & presta adapter
Pedros Fixie Trixie
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Old 12-23-10, 09:59 AM   #33
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Here a great article on the commuter's Essential Toolkit:
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Old 12-23-10, 01:23 PM   #34
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Originally Posted by itsmrbill View Post

Topeak Alien II Multi-Tool
Topeak Micro Rocket Pump
Extra Tube
Flat Kit
Spare Batteries for Lights
A couple of bucks
Some GU energy gel
You feel it necessary to carry $300 with you? I suppose if you break down you could buy yourself a new bike to get where you're going.

Besides my bike-specific multi-tool, tire levers, patch kit, stubby 15mm wrench (my IGH doesn't have a QR axle), and pump I carry one of these other multi-tools with me:

You never know when something like this will come in handy!

Also, instead of wrapping everything up in duct tape, cling wrap will keep everything together in a nice, compact package without leaving a sticky residue. This is especially handy if you carry a spare tube.
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Old 12-23-10, 07:44 PM   #35
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Multi-tool with chain breaker, small adjustable wrench, small pair of needle-nose pliers with wire cutters, spoke wrench, small flashlight, Myerco 4" pocket knife, tube repair kit with tire levers, CO2 pump with 3 spare cannisters, cell phone.
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Old 12-23-10, 07:48 PM   #36
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Location: Chatsworth, Ga.
Bikes: 1982 Schwinn Sidewinder, Sun EZ-1 Recumbent, Cannondale R-400
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So when is the person that carries $300.00 with them going out again.......(really creepy laugh)?
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Old 12-23-10, 10:17 PM   #37
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I used to carry a tool kit, but I rarely had any mechanical problems and the kit was a bit of weight, so I changed my plan of action. I work a few blocks from a bike shop, and there is another one around the half-way point of my six-mile commute, so my plan for a mechanical problem is either to walk or take the bus (with the bike) to the nearest bike shop, or to chain it up at some public building or store, walk or catch a bus home, and come back for the bike. The only tool stuff I do carry is a minimal flat kit--patch, levers, rubber gloves, and a small pump. A flat tire is the one problem I am most likely to encounter and the one problem I feel capable of fixing.

If I had a longer trip, or there were not so many bike shops available, I would re-think the whole thing.
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Old 12-23-10, 11:44 PM   #38
comet the dog
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Originally Posted by Schwinnhund View Post
So when is the person that carries $300.00 with them going out again.......(really creepy laugh)?
Damn beat me to it....
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Old 12-24-10, 10:46 AM   #39
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Park MTB-3 Multi-Tool(, 2 tubes, homemade tire cleat, patch-kit, Pyramid metal tire levers, Topeak Road Morph w/gauge, headband handsfree headlamp(I work 2nd shift).
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Old 12-25-10, 12:56 PM   #40
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Enough tools to do just about anything short of pulling/rebuilding BB or Headset.

I've got a multi-tip socket tool similar to this one but without the chain tool. I has every socket and allen wrench tip needed to fit my bike. I have an adapter that goes from standard 1/4" hex bolt to 1/4" square socket set. This set-up works for me If I were to buy another one I'd get this one with the chain tool included.

A couple of light motorcycle tool-kit combo wrenches to fit the rare hex-bolt that can't be handled by a socket head from the multi-socket tool.

A separate Pedro's 6-pack chain tool (for now since I don't have that slick one with the chain tool built in).

A magnetic hex-bit holder and a little aluminum adapter that makes it into a short stubby screwdriver. This allows me to use any of the bits/sockets in the above kit like a screwdriver-nutdriver or as an extension to the ratchet.

A Pedro Trixie wrench.

A couple/three of cone wrenches (these are so light and slim they hardly take up any room and I've NEEDED them on more than one occasion -usually for other people on rides).

About 4 links of chain.

A small light multi-spoke wrench.

A Presta/Schrader valve converter

A Schrader core remover

A couple of extra Shrader valve caps.

A tiny pump.

Tire gauge.

Some denim to use as a boot if a tire is torn.

A spare tube.

A patch kit and plastic tire wrenches.

A 12"x12" scrap of silk from an old blouse to use as a clean-up rag (silk is light and packs very small).

A couple of individually-packaged alcohol hand wipes to clean up even better after the rag.

A small ziplock daily pill bag with a few spare bolts/nuts/washers that are appropriate to my bike (mostly the bottle-cage braze-on size -but also a couple of axle nuts as I don't do QR) and a cable knarp.

A half dozen zip-ties.

This all fits into a little canvas zipper-bag (the tube is in its own smaller canvas zipper-bag to protect it)

The whole kit tips the scales at about 1Kg. Perhaps this is more than the average person wants to carry around but I'm pretty confident this is all I need to get me going short of the bike getting smooshed by a car.
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Old 12-26-10, 05:20 AM   #41
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For day-to-day riding:
Mini pump
1 spare tube
Both halves of a 15 mm combination wrench cut in half to fit in my wedge
Glueless patch kit
Tire levers
Plan to add a few bandaids and wetwipes
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Old 12-26-10, 05:21 PM   #42
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 4
Chain breaker
Spare chain links
Allen set
8mm and 10mm wrenches
Kool stop bead jack
Universal spoke wrench
Spare fender hardware
Electric tape

I know it's not necessary to carry this stuff, but I've foun it all very handy at times.
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