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    Blackburn Flea or Voyager Headlight

    Anyone have experience with either of these headlights? My LBS has them for half off right now. I have a headlight on my bike now, but a second one would be nice so I can point one higher & one lower. Certainly not a need, but for the price, these might make a good 'second' light.

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    The flea is a bee seen light. Not a headlight. It'll get you home in a pinch, but not a stand alone.
    I have it as a helmet mount blinkie. Great tiny lightweight light for that use. It illuminates signs 100 yards down the road. Rear blinkie is on the back of my helmet too.

    I've been using these as a second set and as a backup set. I can always have some sort of light on me riding any of my bikes and also use them with my larger front and rear lights commuting in the dark mornings.

    Get the USb charger version or the solar charger version if you can. I have the older version.
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