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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 10-12-04, 06:36 PM   #1
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Cleaning up after riding to work?

Hey all,

I was wondering if any of you have some tips on cleaning up after a hard ride to work. If there's no shower, what do you all do to clean up?

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I have a shower, but since i just started commuting, the weather is cool, and my commute is only 10 miles... i haven't used it. I just chill out for a few minutes after I get to work to let my body cool down and then when i change i towel off real quick, wash face and hands, throw on some deoderant, just a touch of cologne and I'm good to go. No problems so far.
I think cooling down before doing anything is what really helps. This way i'm not sweating on my clean clothes after i change. I also make sure i get to work earlier than normal to make up for any lost time doing this.
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Many work places now have showers to support workers doing some sort of work out during the day... but well over 20 years ago I was commuting to a place that did not have such... then I did a wet wipe down in the men's room with a large terry cloth and then toweled off. I would drape the towel and wash cloth over my bike to dry and use them for a few days before washing.

Later a fellow emplyee and I rigged a shower in the building utility room... simple thing. I stood on a pallet over a floor drain next to the water heater. Shower head looped overhead with a simple curtain.

You might ask your employeer if you can rig something up.
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Hey KiLO, just saw your sig... you own a MINI?
I'm one of the owners of
Check us out if you have a chance.

Also wanted to add that i heard a lot of people like to use baby wipes to clean up with. They're easy to store at the office and are supposed to work well.
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Yeah, I own a MINI!! That's awesome that you own that place... I've totally visited your site a bunch of times

Nice to meet you
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Old 10-13-04, 04:09 AM   #6
Chris L
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Despite living in a perpetually humid climate, and having perspiration levels twice what anybody else has, I find a spray of deodorant is all I need. Anything more than that would be wasted in this climate, because I'm only going to start sweating again as soon as I sit at my desk.
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Baby wipes make a pretty good substitute for a shower.
Make sure you get the unscented one or you may get some odd looks from the ladies :-)

A shower and deoderant bfore you set off makes a lot of difference too.
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Old 10-13-04, 05:27 AM   #8
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I carry a hand towel and wash cloth and clean up at the sink in the restroom. No one has complained about any odors-YET.

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Old 10-13-04, 05:35 AM   #9
Just riding
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Wash my face and hands, and change my clothes. Shower? Nope. That's after a 15-mile-each-way commute. I just take it easy
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Virtulized geek
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One method that I find helpful is those Wet Ones. I use those to wipe down (particulary good when there's no shower and it's "mucky" when commuting -- Toronto streets aren't that clean sometimes). Towel afterwards and add a good body/deoderant as well.

Haven't had any complaints as of yet.
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Old 10-13-04, 07:40 AM   #11
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I use baby wipes. As the colder weather approaches, I leave them in my desk as they get VERY cold during the ride.
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Old 10-13-04, 08:01 AM   #12
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There is a bathroom I can lock at our office. I take off my shirt and wash up with soap. I also soak my head in the sink as my hair gets sweaty. Keeping my hair short helps with this though. Then I apply deodorant, put on work clothes and I'm ready for the office. I make sure the water I wash with is cold so that helps cool my body down quicker so I don't continue to sweat when I am done changing.
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Old 10-13-04, 08:10 AM   #13
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I use the Handi-Wipes. The last long, get softer with use, dry quickly and seem extra large. Also, you can spot check for "auromas" during the day and do a supplimentary wash up if necessary.
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Old 10-13-04, 10:25 AM   #14
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Shower before I leave home (no deodorant), wet ones wipe down at work, then add deodorant. Works like a charm, even for a sweaty bugger like me in the middle of summer.
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The Land of Living Skies
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I shower before leaving home and use anti-persperant. Commute 10 miles and change into work clothes in my office when I get there. I get a little sweaty but I don't find I have any body odor. I am cooled off within 5 minutes and my body temperature is perfect for the rest of the day. I find that because I get my blood flowing early in the day I don't succumb to changes in temperatures in the office. Perhaps it is not a big deal here because our humidity level is normally quite low.
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Last TUesday, I had to go into work for a half day..So, I took the bus just a couple miles from the plant..Maybe, I am a real sweater, but just an easy flat ride, I could smell myself..
Sponged off some, but did not feel really fresh..A hit of cologne made me presentable for the meeting...Usually, I shower on a full work day..
But, w/o shower..Think a big sponge and sink will do the trick..I like a shower tho. because that really energizes me for the work day.
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I ride at lunch at work. Usually I'll change in my van in the parking garage. When I come back from a ride, I'll wipe down with baby wipes and douse my head with some water and then towel off. A small spritz of cologne and then a quick swipe of the mini deodorant at my desk and all is good. Plus some time to cool off before changing helps.
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Old 10-25-04, 12:00 PM   #18
Jake Reidford
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Just the problem i am going to solve!!
I am keen to design a product for this exact problem, I am a final year student of product design here in leicester UK. i know i suffer from sweating on the way to my job, it has no shower and a rediculas hill just before you get there, and only being a short distance i usually go full speed, turning up to work sweating like mad soon after i get off the bike, i take a change of clothes and some deodourant, but id would like to design a product that will keep cyclists perspiration at bay during and possibly after the ride so that there is no or little need for preperation, i have some exiting ideas, but need some outside input from fellow cyclists.
Anyone intrested in helping me could simply answer some questions i have, or email me @ with your thoughts, i hope this would only be a small amount of your time,

1. What type of bicycle do you own?
( ) Conventional bicycle ( ) mountain bike ( ) BMX ( ) racing bike ( ) other.

2. What do you use your bicycle for?
( ) Casual ( ) commuting to work ( ) sporting ( ) other. often do you cycle per week?
( ) Once ( ) under 5 times ( ) under 10 times ( ) 10 and over.

4. How far is your average single journey?
( ) Under 2 miles ( ) under 5 miles ( ) under 10 miles ( ) over 10.

5. Do you tend to wear particular clothes for your bicycle journeys?
( ) Yes ( ) no
If yes please specify.. u tend to sweat during your bicycle journey?
( ) Like a hamster ( ) like a rabbit ( ) like a cat ( ) like a donkey

7. Do u tend to sweat after your bicycle journey?
( ) Like a hamster ( ) like a rabbit ( ) like a cat ( ) like a donkey

8. How much spare carrying capacity do you have on your bicycle?
( ) CD player size ( ) pint of milk size ( ) pair of shoes ( ) video player.

9. Would a personal cooling/heating product be of value to you?
( ) Yes ( ) no

10. What is the maximum you would spend on a personal cooling/heating product?
( ) 10 ( ) 20 ( ) 40 ( ) 80 ( ) 100 ( ) 150 ( ) 200 ( ) over 200

11. Would you prefer cycling equipment to be seen on you or hidden?
( ) On show ( ) hidden ( ) bit of both

12.what after market bicycle products do you own?

13. How much do you spend a month on after market cycle products?
( ) Under 10 ( ) 50 ( ) 100 ( ) 200 ( ) arm and a leg.

Thank you. if there is anything you think i have missed or would like to add anything my ears are all open.
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