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    cloth tape on top tube and other tricks

    "I wrapped my top tube and seat post with black Tressostar cloth tape. Keeps it from sliding off of racks and signposts when locking up." Lee G

    This sounds like a pretty smart idea, Lee G. Do you have a picture we can see? I want to do this, but I want to see how it looks and how it's done.

    Also, any other mods and tricks?

    I find that a bike computer is invaluable. I lost my Cateye Strada cadence and bought another one, because it's so useful to me. I find myself grinding gears more without it instead of spinning. It also helps measuring distance when I know something is so many miles away.

    A bike mirror is another indispensable. I've been looking for a good one but I can't find any good ones for drop bars with bar end shifters. Then I found the German Bike Mirror on Rivendell and ordered it. I hope it works out.

    Twine can be used as an alternative to black electrical tape to finish off bar tape even wrap the whole drop bar. I'm not sure how functional this is; it might be more aesthetic than anything. Does anyone else have experience with twine applications on a bike? I was thinking about putting it on the chain stays to prevent chain slap damage. Then again, Tressostar might work just as good.

    Fenders are another thing I can't do without, even if not for the rain, for the dirt, grime and gravel that wheels kick up into the chain rings. I personally use SKS P35's. No complaints so far. Anybody use mud flaps, too? I'm not sold on the necessity of mud flaps but maybe they have some advantage I'm not aware of.

    Reflective tape like this would help with visibility. It might go well on crank arms, seat posts, racks, etc. Anybody use reflective tape? Do you find it helps?

    Any other add-on's that make your riding experience a lot better?

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    Real tools: rather than a multitool in the tool bag, I have a small set of real tools that cover everything I would need on the bike. Full size allen wrenches, chain tool, multi-spoke wrench, et al. When the inevitable roadside repair arises, it proceeds much more quickly and comfortably.

    Cold water neoprene diving gloves. Good for a wide range of temperatures, lots of dexterity, and insulate well.
    "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Ana´s Nin

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    I bought a bike with a Ring Lock , they attach to the forward side of the seat stays,
    so It's always there, You Ride with the Key In, and shut the hasp around the rear wheel to lock .

    An Additional chain with a pin fits into the lock, opposite the key,
    so It can secure the front wheel and around the rack or a fixed object.

    AXA Defender , they come with a stainless band to retrofit bikes
    Which don't have the braze ons/riv-nuts already,
    and + purchased their 1.4M lock up chain.

    Internally geared hubs, And, Hub Dynamo powered Lights.

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