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    1995 Giant Trooper for commuting?

    I'm thinking of doing my daily commute by bike instead of car. Distance is approx 2x 13km = 26km (16mi).

    I got some race bikes, some mountainbike and even a recumbent bike frame which I plan to build up eventually.

    For now I just want a simple bike, so I bought a Giant Trooper for 20 dollar. Stripped it down to the last bolt and am thinking how to rebuild it.




    more info on current parts here.

    It's a 1995 (i guess. based on all Shimano parts) Giant Trooper All Road Series on CrMo 4130 tubing.

    wheel base is 40cx700, most parts are Shimano STX and 7spd GripShift.

    - it's a 58cm c-c. My racing bikes are 60cm. Is it too small?
    - what category is it? touring? hybrid? mtb? urban?
    - anyone recognizes the rear rack? Bor Yueh?
    - I can't find any decent info on this model. No Bikepedia entry. Strange!
    - what bar should i use? butterfly? flatbar? dropbar? this one?
    - upgrade from extec (?) cantilevers to v-brakes (with new levers) any use?
    - should i use another base frame? see my site (link above) for spare frames.

    thx for the tips!
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    I'd be concerned about the size of the frame. Did you ride it around before stripping it down?

    I build up a fair number of frames and this is one thing I always try to do before running into great expense on any project.

    Other than that (rather important item), it looks like a nice frame. I'm sure it would make a great commuter.

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    Frame size is key, to some people. Example: I bought a walmart mountain bike Because it felt right~ It wasn't my "size" but it still felt right. I ride a 58 road bike, because it's my size and it fits right.

    Did you ride it before you tore it apart? If your building a bike, it wasn't very smart to buy a frame without riding it first. Any rear rack will do, just research them and question what you need it for. It' up to you to question what you want to feel as you ride. Do you want handlebar higher then seat? Go faster or safer? What will you be using it for (commuting, duh) but for what?

    I think more over on gearing, seat, tires, and ease of quick-on-the-side-of-the-road-tear-apart.

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