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    This made my day!!!!

    I was riding my bike back to my apartment. About 2 0 clock today after work.

    I was downtown trying to turn left at the stop lights. I was trying to get in the left lane 40 feet before the stoplight.

    I looked over my shoulder and saw about 20 cars behind me includeing a police car. So There was no way I was going to try to get over plus the suv wouldn't let me get over even tho I was useing the proper hand signal. so Instead of pushing the traffic light butten for the crosswalk I went around the light and cut throught an allyway and turned left to find the light was green for me to cross I looked at all the cars that had to stop and smiled.

    And I couldn't help but think the police car that wouldn't let me cross thought hey that must of been that biker and yeah it was. I wish i had that on video it was priceless!!!
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