I don't commute, but I thought this was a good place for this story.

I do a long ride every morning, 50+ most of the time.
The other day I rode out to the end of the construction of a new
highway, two lanes are open for traffic, the other three are done
but not open yet. It runs about four miles. At the end I have about
17 miles showing. I hear a horn toot, a silver pick up was letting
a white Jeep get out in front of him. I started back towards town,
made the turn on the highway and continued on. At a light some
distance down the rode I pulled up, it was red, I glance at the
meter, it was showing just over 29 miles now. I hear a horn toot,
it was the white Jeep and silver pick up, they finally caught me.

Cost of commuting, priceless!!