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    B&M Cyo headlight issue

    Hi guys,

    Just installed the Cyo Senso IQ, but the light behaves the same
    whether in S [Senso] mode or in T [day] mode? Am I doing something
    wrong? What should the difference be?

    This is the one that I have

    B + M Lumotec IQ Cyo RT senso plus 40 lux

    Checked again, and there is absolutely no difference between the day
    mode and the senso mode at night. Light is not also as bright as so
    many say it is. I have a suspicion that the senso thing is not working
    and it is not going into night mode with full brightness.

    Any ideas?

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    I have one and it acts the same way. The only difference I know of is that in daylight mode, when it's actually daylight, all 4 of the underside LEDs light up. In senso mode, only 2 of the LEDs light up regardless of conditions.

    At night both settings switch to night mode, and light up just 2 of the underside LEDs.

    Have a Phillips SafeRide light now, but it also has it's problems.

    Some notes on a comparo I wrote here.

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