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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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what web apps to you use?

I started my post fat-guy life by jogging. Turns out I'm not a jogger. But I used the tracking system to record my progress. When I started biking I kept the account, but now record ever session as a "bike run". It's good enough, but I wanted to know if others had a experience using a better system. What do you use and what do you like/dislike?
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I like Endomondo but I rarely use it, it drains the battery and i forget to turn it on.
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I use MapMyRide, I like it a lot except how quick it drains the battery on my iPhone, but that's to be expected. I like how you can see other people's routes in your area and it keeps track of all your past route and training info. I haven't used any other apps though so I have no basis for comparison.
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I use IBike.
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not an app, but I use The only reason being that it imports all of my data (including Nike+ for running). They did have a crash a few months ago where all of their old data was lost & I had to start over, but aside from that, I really enjoy the site. I also keep my commuting miles in a spreadsheet that WonderMonkey wrote & was kind enough to pass along.
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I use RunKeeper. I'm pretty happy with it, but also drains my IPhone battery.
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Its very simple. Like me.
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Mapmyride and also Digifit with the training peaks site.

Have tried various others but like features in these two. Others may have improved since I was researching them a couple years ago. YMMV. Each has it's quirks.

Even just running gps on the mapmyride app without ANT device for speed/cadence/heart rate yesterday hardly noticed battery drain on my iphone4.

I don't know what you guys are doing to cause your IPhone to drain battery. I ride about an hour on my commute into work. Battery shows a 10% drop in that hour on my iphone4. This is way better than when these apps were first in play where they did indeed drain the battery almost entirely during my hour commute on my old iphone3. But the tech has gotten so much better. I did a metric century last year and had tons of battery left at end of ride. Some of the early hardware was a serious drain on battery but the new ANT device offered by Digifit is very efficient. I suspect the new ANT device for the mapmyride system is also as efficient made by same company but of course different enough to not be compatible with the competitions app. Not nice to mess with a standard like that.... Grrr.
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I use runkeeper for two-thirds of my triathlon training with iPhone 4 (iPhone won't work underwater for some reason. I wonder if Android devices will.) Lately I have been questioning the accuracy of the "current speed" while analyzing data post workout. It reports lower than expected speeds, though I have no other method for detecting my speed. Maybe it's right and I'm just a slow bastard. It reports calories burned too if you're into those silly numbers. The big thing I like about it though is it's free and immediately uploads your workout when completed (no wifi requirement). Give it a try if you have an Android phone or newer iPhone. One other plus I forgot to mention is if you pay for the premium website features your friends and family can track your every move from a web browser. I take advantage of that for 3am commutes. Peace of mind.
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Does real time updating some other website burn more battery than just tracking your location on your phone? I can ride ~4 hrs w/ mytracks recording where I am and it's only about half of the battery. But my wife, for instance, can't track my location, like I think she could if I was using endomondo.
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Just can't be beat for route planning and recording but it's not an ap.
Garmin GPSMap 60CSx
Does not do bio.

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Old 07-04-11, 07:07 PM   #14
derailleurs are overrated
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I used for a long time, but it has become more flaky of late, so I am using mapmyride. I use either in place of a cyclometer. Remember where you went, check the distance out later on the web, enter the distance in the Google mileage spreadsheet. Accurate enough.
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I just bought a new Garmin Edge 500. I used it on my first ride Sunday (mountain) and uploaded to Endomondo. Looked cool so far. They have apps for iPhone/Android.
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I use Cyclemeter but not on every ride. It doesn't use much battery if you turn off the screen while riding. It has some nice features. In addition to time, distance, avg speed, etc., it produces a map that displays your route, and shows elevation gain/loss, estimated calorie burn.
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I use micoach from adidas, it's a free download for my iphone. They have apps for blackberry and android as well. It's mainly an application for running but there is an area where you can select biking as well you just don't get any of the coaching functions which is fine with me. It tracks your route, speed, elevation via GPS and calculates calories burned. Awesome application the one con is that it burns the battery quick especially if your listening to some music.

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I've started trying out Strava:

It's more geared towards training, but you can use your phone or garmin GPS to upload and analyze the data post-ride. It also shows what climbs are you in your area and how you rank amongst those that have ridden it as well. It estimates power output depending on your weight and shows a lot of other really useful information.

I've never tried MapMyRide because I don't have an android/iOS phone and all my gps logs are GPX files which strava lets me upload.
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i used to use BikeBrain and MapMyRide but now I exclusively use Endomondo and it's great on my iPhone 4 (not sure how it is on the 3gs or 3 behave but I am aware that an OS or hardware update prevents rapid battery drain). The thing I love about Endomondo is how custom you can make it (even edit rides post ride if need be if it trips out), the sistersite that's on the WWW is pretty awesome as well (which keeps cool calculations like how many burgers you've worked off or how far you've ridden in measures of "trips around the world" or "trips to the moon" but the most useful feature for me is the immediate auto post to my facebook page.

Yeah, yeah, I know I just made 100 eyes roll with that last sentence but having my daily commute posted on facebook does 2 things. It keeps me honest because friends call me out when they don't see the typical post and it motivates me by having friends knock me for gaining a few minutes on my ride.

I ride 15mi each way from east la to fullerton, it takes me about an hour and i lose roughly 10-15% of my battery at the end of my rides...of course while kickin out the jams as well.

PM me for my username if you're using it to.
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Old 07-07-11, 10:34 AM   #20
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I only use Strava now on my iPhone4. It lets you analyse any section on your ride, with wattage, times, elevation etc. and also detects and compares climbs to your previous rides, and to other people that have cycled the route. Plus, although my commute is fairly short (20km round trip) I've never had issues with batery life, even when riding longer rides on the weekends etc.

Plus, the social aspect of it is amazing- there's a few pros that use our mountains for training, so seeing my times compared to theirs, even just for the climbs, always motivates me to get my head down and get'er done.
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