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    shimano spd sandals

    Anyone have the new SD66 sandals?

    I hear they come in 43/44 and 45/46 (Jenson link above does not say that clearly so maybe what I heard is not true) but my feet are pretty much 44/45 rather than the other two.

    Would appreciate any feedback, none of the LBSs near me have them to try out.

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    I have an older model (4years old), mine have 3 straps on them, and I love them. They let my feet breath and I can walk in them easily and don't get yelled at for going inside with cleats. I use them to commute to work and I have ridden many 62 mile rides in them. If it rains your feet may get a bit cold and dirty, but when the sun comes back out they will dry out quick. When it gets a little chilly out I were a pair of socks. I have noticed they can get a little smelly but I just through them in the washing machine and let them air dry. I see their on sale for $69 and definitly think they are worth it.

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