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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Help me choose my bike!!

I'm a 23 year old just came out of college. Heading to a consulting job in Houston. As strange as it sounds... I want to avoid getting a car for as long as possible (save money, and I like biking).

My daily commute is around ~10 miles each way.

I've started looking at bikes sold in the area... and here's what I've narrowed it down to.

1. Marin Fairfax 2011 ($699)- REI
2. GT Tachyon 3.0 ($659) - REI
3. Fuji Absolute 2.0 ($749) - Performance Bikes
4. Scattante F-330 Fitness Bike ($749) - Performance BIkes
5. Scattante X-330 Cyclocross ($749) - Performance Bikes
6. Trek 1.1 ($659) - Bike Barn

What do you guys think? My priorities are:

1. Efficient i.e. FAST (Get me places quickly! I used to ride a mountainbike in college... and it got pretty frustrating seeing roadies zip by me. I'd also like to somehow keep up with traffic to a degree.)

2. Reliable (I don't know how to fix anything... and I don't think I'll have the time to learn...I hear consulting is pretty time consuming?)

3. Can withstand some bumps (Houston roads are pretty messed up at times.... )

4. No learning curve (I've heard picking up a road bike takes getting used to?)

5. Might allow me to enter a race or something one day.

6. Sticking under $800


I'm leaning on the Fairfax and 1.1. Any thoughts on any of the bikes would be really appreciated though.

Thanks in advance!
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This would work 700 X 25 tires.
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I'd go with the Cross bike. It has eyelets for fenders/rear rack, and you can race it as is in cyclocross, or put slicks on it and have a road bike. It also comes with clipless pedals. If you are a performance team member ($20/yr membership), then you'd get 10% back on the purchase, so roughly $75, which will buy either shoes for clipless pedals or slick road tires (I like Gatorskins myself).

But honestly, it all comes down to what bike YOU like the most. Go ride them all, and don't buy anything unless YOU absolutely love it.
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Honestly for commuting I would say none of those are the best choice. A true commuter bike is normally more upright. Yes it's slower than the "roadies" but it's not always about speed, sometimes it's comfort and long term usability. Also an upright position will not put weight on an area one would rather not have weight, if you know what I mean. It also is easier on the back and wrists.

I would choose something more like this

No matter what you choose for gods sake get fenders , unless you like showing up with a racing stripe down your back.

Now this is a NICE commuter but a little over $200 over your budget, but perfect for commuting. Has an 8 speed internally geared hub and a front dynohub. Electra is a HUGE name in Europe and makes bicycles that lasts generations. So they are worth the cash.

Now personally I would not use your commuter for anything but commuting. If you want to do racing or just joy riding I suggest a second, cheaper, bicycle. I myself have 4 and use one for a specific task.

But as JAG410 pointed out, it's about what you want. Of the ones you listed I too would have to choose the Cross, but the hunched over position is not ideal for daily commuting.

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Hmmmm. I commute on a compact endurance bike everyday and it's kinda fast and I can't wait to mount up every morning. I've thought of getting a second bike for days I want to do some real ground pounding but mostly I like the one that generates a little bit of a breaze.
But honestly af, all of them are going to suck in Houston right about now. HAhahahahaa
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If you live in a relatively flat area, consider getting a singlespeed commuting bike such as a Bianchi San Jose or a Redline 925. Both are low maintenance and have mounts for racks/fenders, which are indispensable for commuting.
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Thanks you guys. Especially for bringing up the fender eyelet requirement... I had assumed you could attach fenders to all bikes.

Also an upright position will not put weight on an area one would rather not have weight, if you know what I mean.
And yes. I know exactly what you mean... I was hoping it wasn't as bad as I'd read.... . Maybe I will end up sticking with the uprights if they really are as uncomfortable as you guys say.


And I'm just a little too far from Webster to go for that bike.
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