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    IHG/singlespeed chains

    Could we change that to IGH/singlespeed chains

    What is the best chain setup for a hub gear bike?
    My Alfine bike came with a singlespeed 3/32" chain but the replacements have all been std SRAM 8-speed.
    Are there any chains that are better or more durable than others.
    Is there any advantage in going to a 1/8" width. Do you need 1/8" chainrings and sprockets and can you get one for Shimano hubs?
    Has anyone used a chain with bushings? Do these have improved life?

    I sometimes need a half-link to adjust the chain length and these are much easier to find in 1/8" than 3/32.

    The aim is to make everything on the bike last longer.
    I cant switch to a Gates belt drive so i dont want this thread to turn into chain vs belt.
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