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    DIY bike fixit vending machine located on popular rail trail

    I just read about this in a local Entrepreneurial magazine.

    It's a vending machine that has tubes, patch kits, batteries, lights, hand warmers, snacks, etc along with a set of tools tethered to it. Included is a kind of basic bike stand and an air compressor.

    It's from a pair of guys that came up with the idea when one of their group had a flat on a late night ride. No one had patches or a suitable tube with them. Their hoping to sell these "kiosks" for use in other places.

    It's called a Fixtation.

    I'm not affiliated with them in anyway and I've never even seen one in person. Just thought it was a cool idea. Not much help though unless you happen to flat somewhere near one and don't already have your own patches or tube.
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    Yeah, I saw this the other day at the transit hub on Hennepin just north of Lagoon. It's pretty neat inside. Free air, tools, and even a couple of beams to hoist your horizontal top-tube bike up on for some fixin'.

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