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    The original Fred (Birchmore) had some weight weeny in him

    Quote Originally Posted by Smithsonian
    By the time he reached Tehran, he was in a bad way. An American missionary, William Miller, was shocked to find the young cyclist at the mission’s hospital, a gigantic boil on his leg. “He had lived on chocolate and had eaten no proper food so as not to make his load too heavy,” Miller marveled in his memoir, My Persian Pilgrimage. “I brought him to my house. What luxury it was to him to be able to sleep in a bed again! And when we gave him some spinach for dinner he said it was the most delicious food he had ever tasted. To the children of the mission, Fred was a great hero.”
    Refusing to bring food on a six day ride across the (Syrian, in this case) desert to save weight, is quintessentially weight weeny. In fact, modern Freds tend to scoff at weight weenies for much less than that.
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    Great little article.

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    Birchmore was a world class athlete and performed feats of strength and endurance that few could match... one should read about how he built the boulder and stone wall around his home at the age of 70... completely by hand.

    I wonder if some Athen's native might extend congratulations to Fred when he turns 100 in November... he has always inspired me.

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