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    Unknown/Untested tire saves bacon

    I purchased a set of Vredestien Fortezza SE (Performance house tire) and was leery of the longevity/toughness of the tire.

    Well that has been laid to rest this morning. Darn whippersnappers broke a glass bottle on the road and green glass does not glint very well in shadow. Next thing I hear is the sound of glass crunching and a grind coming from my tire.

    I pull off and found a darn near 1/4" square piece of bottle glass lodged in the tire and stopped at the cords. It cut the carcass, but not the tube. Hopefully there isn't a micropuncture causing my tire to flat as we speak.

    At this point I am very happy with the tires and at $40 a piece. I don't feel bad having to replace them.

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    Several years ago I bought some semi-knobby tires for $3 each at a bike swap in Tucson. One is a Swiss Army tire (?) and the other is some no name cheapo tire. Threw them on the commuter bike and figured I'd get at least a season out of them for $6. They are still on that bike, 5 years later, slime in them, hardly ever a flat. I ride 'em right through vast fields of gravel and broken glass.
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    Salsa Vaya Ti
    Novara Randonee x2
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