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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Old 06-06-12, 09:06 AM   #1
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Nice Watch Protection while Commuting

I got a really nice watch for a wedding present, and I don't want to leave it at work. Does anyone have a single-watch hard travel watch case that they use in their bag while they ride to and from work? I can only find one example, but I would think there were other options out there!
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I've never damaged a watch in 6 years of daily riding to and from work. I would venture a guess that you are just as likely to damage your watch driving a car as you are riding a bicycle based upon the probability of being invovled in an accident. That said, if you are really worried about it maybe just pack it along with your lunch (or whatever) and not actually wear it while riding.

You might also be able to use a wrist sweat band to cover it up.

Or just don't ride on rainy or icy days.
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Sorry, can't help you. I stopped wearing a watch years ago, as my phone or laptop works off the bike and the cyclocomputer works while riding.
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I also dont' wear a watch, so I have no idea for sure, but I'd think that you could just get a box from a local jeweler & use that. I'm sure that it would eventually break down & you'd need a new one, but if its in your pack even one of the standard cardboard boxes should last a long time.
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I have a Zeno watch case (exactly like this eBay example: that I've used for travel in general (i.e. not on a bike), and it's fairly compact, and inexpensive. I gave up on using it because it was too bulky for travel, so now I just wrap the second watch in a handkerchief, bundle it with a rubber band, and toss it in my bag.

I have another more fitted, sliding type case that I bought online that turned out to be ridiculously huge, so it's just a watch holder in my dresser now.

I do agree with the others that there is not much going to happen to your watch while you're riding. If it's a leather strap and you sweat, well, that could be an issue over time.

Aside from removing and packaging the watch, you could consider a strap change if you've got a leather one (which is the only material you'd need to worry about), to a metal link or mesh strap for the ultimate in durability and impermeability, or you could look at synthetics (e.g. Lorica), waterproof leathers, sharkskin or stingray, or rubber straps. Some of the waterproof leathers even have rubber linings for added durability, e.g. the Hirsch Runner. Check out for ideas (and great prices/service).
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Why don't you want to wear the watch on your commute?

I wear a inexpensive Timex expedition with a nylon/velcro strap. The strap can get a little funk to it over time, but I just soak it with a little baking soda solution and it is fine again.
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Is the watch "flat" when you take it off? You could use an altoids tin (or something similar) to store it in your seat bag, or whatever.
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Old 06-06-12, 02:18 PM   #8
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I would agree with the others here. I alternate between a Seiko 5 or a Casio G-Shock as my daily watch, and I would never worry about them being damaged while commuting. If you have a particularly expensive or sentimental watch I can understand your hesitation. To be honest, I find myself bumping my watch into doors or desks much more often than they ever come in contact with anything while cycling. However, if you ride through less than desirable neighborhoods there is another concern there as well. If you are looking for something which will be... well... nearly 'everything' proof, you may want to check the smaller end of the Pelican lineup. With an exacto knife, some foam, and a couple minutes of your time, you can turn those cases into a custom watch storage box which should survive a wave of zombies:
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I like the sweat band idea personally. Less chance of, "Oh crap, where is the box with the watch in it?" Or if you get jacked for your bike then the watch is nicely hidden under the wrist band.
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Cover it with a sweatband or use an old sock to carry it around with.
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Old 06-06-12, 04:41 PM   #11
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What about a nice pelican case, or even a hard food storage container like from LocknLock?
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Old 06-06-12, 09:12 PM   #12
Spld cyclist 
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I prefer to keep anything of value on my person when I'm commuting through bad neighborhoods. If you don't wear the watch, keep it in a zipped pocket.
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Or if you get jacked for your bike then the watch is nicely hidden under the wrist band.
Cover your bike with a wristband!
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Small crown royal bag. Then put it in your bag/pocket.
Old sock, washed, would work as well
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Old 06-07-12, 09:02 AM   #15
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"old sock" came to mind when I read the title, but I'm late so +3
I'm not one for jewlery. I have a nice watch and it just stays in a box at home.
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I found a really nice Oris (with the big crown) in the bathroom of my college. The owner had taken it off his wrist to protect it whilst washing his hands then just walked off. I handed it into lost property and it was reunited with its owner.
Any watch that you keep taking on and off or stashing in pockets or bags, will get lost or forgotten at some point.

I keep my purdy little Certina DS on my wrist at all times. On tour, I often exchange it for an old casio mainly because it has a night light.
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I put my nice watch in an old sunglasses case when commuting.

There are specific things for holding nice watches called "watch tacos".

Here's a sunglasses case that would work:
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Old 06-07-12, 04:36 PM   #18
Robert C
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If it is a nice watch and you re so worried about it that you will not just wear it all the time (just wearing it would be my first choice) consider getting a replica. Get a replica of the model that the famly bought you. That way there is no embarrassment if it is spotted.

I am in no way related to it; but, I go to this forum for info on good quality replicas. I am almost embarrassed to mention the replica forum because I feel like it is something a spammer would be seen as doing, look at my years here and post count though.

As for me, I just an not own anything that I have not taken apart as far as I can and then put it back together; Its just my nature. I got a couple of replicas so that it I totally destroyed them in the process of putting them back together I would not be upset. When I go back to Guangzhou (the place the better quality ones are made) I will probably get a few more to play with.
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Old 06-07-12, 06:00 PM   #19
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I use a plastic food storage container for carrying my electronics but it's a little large and goes into a trunk bag or pannier where there is additional padding.

A simple solution could be wrapping it in bubblewrap then putting it into a freezer zip-lock bag. But I can understand wanting a more elegant solution.

For the other posters:
One of the women I used to work with wore an antique watch that was a family heirloom as well as being delicately crafted from precious metals. It had great sentimental value to her.

I didn't understand why she was babying it so much until she explained that she could not get it wet at ALL. A single drop of water could ruin it. She did not wear it in the rain and definitely did not wear it when washing her hands. I don't think she wore it when she was out in the heat and might sweat, or if it was a humid day and moisture could condense on it.

Highly water-resistant plastic banded Timex Ironmans aren't for everyone.
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